Wednesday, October 8, 2008

does he have a headache?

Friday morning: noticed a slight runny nose; no color, no cough, no fever.  Used a zicam swab and hoped for the best.  Saturday morning: noticed same symptoms, used zicam swab and again hoped we had caught it early.  Sunday morning: ditto.  Monday morning: send him to school with some motrin; wondering if he was really sick or if this was going to be "just a cold" and not turn into anything else.  (Wouldn't that be a wonderful, miraculous world?!)  Monday at 5pm: take him to the doc, where he shows a temp of 98.9...go to great lengths explaining the fact that myself and my kids never reach a temp above 96.1 unless we are sick.  Finally, the doc comes in, takes a look in his throat, and says, his left tonsil is just huge!  Then, looking in his left ear, says, his ear is infected and is the color of your shirt!  (that would be bright red)  So, here we were, low grade fever, no cough, acting and eating pretty much normal, but walking around with an infected ear and a huge tonsil.  Poor kiddo!  The best part of the appointment was the nurse asking me, "Does he have a headache?"  Ummm.....I have NO IDEA because he DOES NOT SPEAK!  Hello?!  HAHA!  I fought the urge to use sarcasm; instead, explained he doesn't have a button for "headache" on his GoTalk, so I have no idea.  (the new device will have pain and body buttons, to show where it hurts)  Tomorrow he is off to a neurology appointment....first one in 5 years.  Wonder if they'll have anything exciting to bring to the table?  14 had an upright bass lesson tonight...wondered while I was carrying it up to the 3rd floor of the music building whether flute might have been a better instrument to learn!  :o)  She told me how she thinks it would be interesting to work for NASA and design things to investigate planets, or be a coroner, or be a research scientist to study diseases.  Man, what a strange ying/yang world we live in!  One kid going to the doc for the problems in his brain, the other one looking at an open vista of possibilities because of the good things in her brain.  What a wild ride.

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