Thursday, September 18, 2008


After requesting our fave cabin on the water at Andy Myers' Lodge, we spent the first two nights there in total happiness, except for the long walk up and down the crunchy little rock sidewalk that left us huffing and puffing.  The only thing out of the ordinary was the totally freakish little snoring sounds Howard's buddy was making.  I called him on it the first morning, saying, man, what a strange-sounding snore you've got going on there!  The next morning, Howard told him, you sound like our springer spaniel when we kennel him up for the night in our closet...making all these sad little sounds.  The second morning, I was sitting on the toilet when I heard scratching noises coming from under my feet.  I didn't think much of it, since Eagle Lake laps up right beside the cabin.  Next thing I know, I look down and see this little furry creature, standing on its' hind legs, looking at me like, "What are YOU doing here?"  I gave a little shriek, stood up, and stomped my feet to try to scare ran behind the vanity for a moment, then poked its' head out and gave me another funny look.  I bolted up to the lodge and asked Teresa (camp mom) what was living with me in Cabin 7...she said, ask one of the dock boys.  I saw Ryan in the lodge and said, what is living in our cabin?  He looks up from the fireplace and calmly says, "weasel."  I said, "You know about this?"  He said, yeah, it used to come down to the docks, and they would feed it, but Dakota, the brown lab (camp dog) barked at it and now it wouldn't come down there anymore.  He said he would go get a net to try to catch it.  I go back to the cabin and take out my camera, determined to get some evidence that there was a weasel living with us in our cabin...alas, the creature (camp weasel) was far too fast for that.  Ryan (camp comedian) walks in with the net, sits on the floor, cocks his head to one side and says, "Garlic chips?  You're feeding it garlic chips to try to lure it out to the kitchen?  He doesn't like garlic chips.  He likes bread."  (Of course!--smack head now.)  So, we proceed to throw blueberry bread at him.  He liked it, and came out and ate it, but we were unable to catch him.  During the feeble attempt at netting him (it's easier to net a 32" musky--wily little creatures) he was rolling around in our friend's bedding, then running to our bedroom and jumping 3-4 FEET HIGH to get on our shelves, then back to our buddy's bedding to romp around.  Hmmmm.  Knowing we wouldn't sleep with that creature rolling in the bedding, and suddenly realizing that the weak-a** snore belonged to said weasel, and not hubby's best friend, I suddenly panicked and asked camp mom for a different cabin.  She was nice enough to find us different digs, and I proceeded to haul ALL of our stuff over to another cabin, no small task.  By the time the guys got back, I was fat, dumb, and happy in the new cabin, listening closely for any rustling noises and hoping the guys would believe me. (camp spaz) Of course, they were incredulous...quizzing me and cocking their eyebrows in a funny manner.  Eventually, a stranger from cabin 3 came up to us on Wednesday night, and said he had been down in our old cabin to use the stove, and what was perched on the kitchen table, but a big ol' weasel!  Whew!  He said he wouldn't have slept with it, either!  As far as wildlife goes, we ended up seeing a timber wolf, black bear with three cubs, feeding bald eagles, northerns, walleyes, smallies, and a muskie...but I will probably remember the weasel the longest!

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