Thursday, September 25, 2008

on watching the birth of a memory

Spent a very sad evening with my friend, who lost her husband in surgery.  All kinds of thoughts of my dad's passing were flooding my mind, along with running thoughts of what the right thing to say was.  Never did find the right thing to say.  Watched my friends' granddaughter bop around the waiting area, knowing she was too young to really fathom the fact that her daddy was gone.  Trying to be helpful, I pulled fruit snacks out of my purse in a feeble attempt to placate the little girl, followed by letting her watch Mario jump up and down in my nintendo ds lite....  All I could think of was, someday, when she's older, she'll remember Nemo fruit snacks and Mario and be sad.  Argh.  Watched my friend pull from an amazing reservoir of strength...watched her mom, my closest friend and confidante, be another pillar of strength.  I guess it's true what they say; women are the stronger of the two sexes.  I am sad knowing she has lost her husband way too young, and especially knowing her daughter has lost her daddy.  Here's hoping she will find a way to get to Peace at this time in her life, and hoping she knows how much love surrounds them both.

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