Sunday, September 14, 2008

back to the states

Just spent a week in Canada, fishing every day, not wearing makeup, not fixing my hair, not changing diapers, not making any meals, ahhhhhhhhhh, bliss.  We were unsuccessful in catching a muskie, but caught a lot of nice walleye, smallies, and northerns, had many other wildlife adventures.  Saw a wolf in the wild for the first time ever, saw many bald eagles feeding on fish, and saw a mama black bear with three cubs.  Pretty awesome!  It was a beautiful week and I'm so sad it's over!  It's nice to be back with the kids, though.  Grandma took care of them, so they were in good hands, which made it easier to enjoy ourselves.  I still think living on a lake must be the most incredible way to live, ever.  Got our fill of gravy fries and Aero bars, and started picking up the short-and-sweet Canadian accent, eh?  What an outstanding way to spend a vacation!

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Jamie said...

I'm glad you got a little bliss. You deserve it! LOVE YOU!