Saturday, August 16, 2008

What is it about 3 overly ripe bananas or a counter full of ripe tomatoes or 4 huge zucchinis that gives me the urge to preheat the oven?  I asked my mom this question today (convinced it was a genetic anomaly)...she concurred.  I used to blame it on growing up in the Marion School District (blame the school, blame the school!!--chant along, if you wish!) that taught us to "make a home run" with our dinner...meaning, finish the food at all of the "bases" (little depressions in the tray that held food.)  I do feel that probably gave many of us the inability to leave food on a plate...I know the old adage, better to "go to waste" than "go to waist"...but, when I go to throw food out, all I can see is a frowning Mrs. McKenzie wagging her finger at me.  So, with that in mind, today was about tomatoes.  I canned 9 quart jars of spaghetti sauce, and 9 pint jars of a new recipe of salsa.  It was a LONG day in the kitchen, surrounded by dirty utensils, the beautiful smells of sauce simmering on the stove, and recipes that were more or less followed; stopping just long enough to open a package of fruit snacks or crackers for the Masinator, then, came the lovely "pop" sounds that tell me my jars sealed....ahhhhh, what a perfect August sound!  Could I have found something more fun to do today?  Ummmmmm, yes, but I know that when winter is raging outside the window, there will be nothing as great as opening a jar of summer....hats off to the first person who decided to stuff stuff in a jar and seal the lid.  Mrs. McKenzie would be proud!


Jamie said...

dang girl. You go. I am so proud of you. What can I do with a bunch of bell peppers?

Monroegirl said...

hmmm....can some chow-chow? i think that has bell peppers involved...or, you can cut them in strips or dice them, and then freeze them. The best solution would be to fly to MN and give them to your cousin! my pepper plants did not do well this year. Keep up the great work on your blog...i LOVE it!!!