Friday, August 15, 2008

it's all

Our computer decided to take a royal swandive into viral-type messiness, so here I am typing on our new Mac computer...spent an eternity in Best Buy yesterday, where they were fixing our old (read: familiar and wonderful) computer.  It was in good hands with Lee, a Geek Squad member with warm eyes and a good heart.  I was so impressed with his techy prowess, I almost invited him to live in our basement.  I thought I could feed him at each meal, and throw in homemade goodies bi-weekly.  If only to have him available to address all of technical mishaps in this house.  He was wonderful, and renewed my faith in Big Business AND customer service.  I would like to attach a cute picture describing our current life HERE, but our pictures are currently living in a new Mac hard drive and have yet to be attached to the new computer.  Life is good, but I am even more painfully aware of how much I depend on sameness, and just how much it throws me to have to learn new things.  I am a creature of habit, my friends, and I just to need to admit that and move on!  In other exciting news, Riley will be starting up band camp next week, and Mas is being treated for plantar warts on the bottom of his foot.  No fun.  I currently have chocolate zucchini cake in the oven; if it is warranted, I will post the recipe on the blog later.  Have spent a busy week taking in the Turner County Fair and also visiting my gram in the hospital.  She just underwent surgery for colon cancer; she is doing great and is a testament to women in their mid 80s; strong and handling life's curveballs as gracefully as possible.  Hopefully my daughter and myself are learning something from her.  We also spent some hairy moments chasing storms this week; will post pics later, but it's the first time I've ever seen a wall cloud lower and also watched rotation directly over our vehicle; Riley thought we were nuts, but Howard and I enjoyed it immensely.  I think it might be the closest I've ever been to being right next to an actual, real live tornado.  Can you say cool?  Gotta go; time to try to figure out the new technology before it envelops me and I am but a pawn in its' shiny new game.  More later!

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