Wednesday, August 27, 2008

finishing up the harvest

Just so you know, I don't only write about "adventures in crap."  (Although, that has been the general rule around here lately, with 3 dogs and a son who has been toilet training for 1 1/2 years...also, what a great name for a blog....hhhmmmmmmm....)  Today I am off to can some pizza sauce with the remaining tomatoes hanging out in the garden.  Here's hoping it turns out alright.  I have never canned a pizza sauce before, but seeing as how we currently have 48 jars of salsa, I think it's time to try something else!  :o)  My garden fungus has won; not sure if it was from the heavy rain we had earlier this month, or something else, but when Mas had his break and I ignored it for a few days, it had already taken a good hold through the plants.  I went out yesterday and tried to rip out the affected plants, but it is pretty much everywhere.  I guess that will teach me; taking so many days off from checking on things outside!  It was a banner year for tomatoes, though, but a rough year for peppers.  Last year, I had so many spare peppers that I was able to string them up and hang them in the kitchen.  They look awesome in there, all dried and pretty.  This year, I was lucky to scavenge enough out of there to even make salsa.  I am already making plans for next year's gardens; plan on adding more peppers, green beans, and onions, and have decided not to plant pumpkins or squash again.  There has to be some reason to visit the apple orchards in the fall besides apples, right?

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