Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Ummm....yeah....so, yesterday was one of those days...again!  Mas just finished his two week break, so yesterday morning I woke him up at 6:45, fed him breakfast, got his backpack ready, got him dressed and put his shoes on...put his coat on 'cause it was cool outside...sat out on the porch with him and waited 30 minutes.....for the van....that NEVER CAME!  That's because his mother can't read!  He actually started today, Tuesday, instead of yesterday.  Imagine how fun it was to tell him to come back in and take off his shoes and coat!  :o(  Not so much.  (Let's just say that phonics crap is solid!--*insert phonics gang sign here*)  I am going to work on accurate reading in the future.  After that episode, I went to shower, opened our bedroom door, and ran over a pile of dog crap the size of a dinner plate....our German Shorthair decided to leave that for me inside our bedroom door, as opposed for waiting for his master to wake up and let him out....of course, the door ran into the pile and schmeared it all over the carpet....yeah.  So, I steam cleaned that mess and took my daughter to her doctor appointment, where the PA was whacked out and weird and said some really inappropriate things....(do you a call a doc on that stuff, or assume they had a tough weekend??  i decided to let it go, based on how my day was going)...then, off to McDonald's, where we drove through, got home, and discovered they forgot my food!  Called McDonald's, talked to the manager, was told that happens.....which, it does, but not as often as it does here.  Made a call to the district manager (whom they told us was in Yankton....as we called Yankton, they told us their manager was actually spending the day in Pipestone, where we live!  So, she was there when our drive through fiasco occurred....) and ended up speaking to her (in a scarily calm voice!  go fig!) about relying on help, customer service (those words are ALMOST extinct in today's society, eh?) and taking care of people.  She was actually very nice and did a good job acting like she cared.  (Go, fake empathy!!)  Next was a visit to Wal-Mart about 45 minutes away, where I was able to 1)take care of my huge fridge list, and 2)entertain the Masinator.  Surprisingly, it was a very benign visit to "The" Wal-Mart, so nothing of excitement to report there.  Then, took Mas in for his plantar wart doctor visit, and waited ONE HOUR for the doc!  Hello!  Again, we were crazy calm.  Got him home, put him to bed (which he was unhappy with, since there was no bath due to his foot being taped up!), the hubby ran to Pizza Hut while I finished cleaning the kitchen.  Ran into the office to grab the stapler, and stepped in....you guessed it, MORE DOG POO!  Out with the steam cleaner, again.  Phone rang as I took first bite of my P'zone....talked on phone and didn't taste food, hubby went to get Riley from band, but got called in to work and couldn't bring her home...someone else volunteered to drive her home (thanks, Lori!)....got ready for bed and applied my progesterone cream the doc suggested....carefully measured out my 1/2 tsp....was applying it and thought, man, how does anyone find enough "soft skin" to apply all of this stuff?  Realized then that I was using a 1/2 TBLSP, not a 1/2 TSP.  All in all, a GRRRRRRREAT Monday; can't make this stuff up, folks!  Here's to Tuesday, and every day that isn't Monday!  Hope this makes you feel like your days are awesome!  I'd laugh right now if the wounds weren't still so fresh!!

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