Wednesday, August 20, 2008

did you say $6.66???

So maybe the first sign that you should have stayed home is waking up to find your son covered in diarrhea; from the top of his blonde hair to his toes...finding it embedded in his sheets, on his comforter, on his pillow....or, maybe when you realize you have to throw out his pillow because there's just no recovering it....or, when he has explosive diarrhea all day long (to the tune of 20+ diapers changed today)...or, when your total at Burger King is $6.66 (yes, it truly was $6.66)...or, when your daughter asks what is in your hair at around 2 pm, and you realize it is dried, crusted over diarrhea from your son's explosion at 6:45 this morning....or, when your son lies on the floor and screams at your daughter's appointment...or, when your son keeps hitting the "I'm tired, I want to go to bed" button starting at 10 am and going all day long...or, when you realize you are running short on wipes and your son only wants to lie on the floor and cry and you are also low on pull-ups and there is no sale on your hair color and you spend 2 1/2 hours in a chair with your daughter doing your "fun" hair coloring day and your son is sitting in his new, expensive stroller slowly filling and filling and filling up his pants and signing "night-night."  I'm not sure what sign I missed, but I am sure the universe was busy throwing them at me today.  Let's just say this would have been a good day to stay home, but life didn't allow it.  I have decided that the next time my morning omens include three sixes and explosive diarrhea, I am leaving the car in the garage and staying in my pajamas!  Word.

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Jamie said...

oH, wow. That is one heck of a morning. If the clock would let us have 6:66 as a time I'm sure it would have read that instead of 6:45. Diarrhea has got to be the worst. Poor Mas and his tummy. Thank GOD he has an Angel of a Mom like you to care for him. I hope tomorrow is better. LOVE YOU, cuz