Thursday, August 28, 2008

a change in the air

It always happens, every year, right about this time, give or take a week...something in the air changes, and it's no longer acceptable to go swimming, water outdoor plants excessively, go out for ice cream, etc...somehow, it has turned over to fall.  Not the orange leaves on the trees type of fall, but definitely no longer summer, either.  I felt it last week, but shook it off, convinced it was too early for that this year.  It seems it's here, regardless of what we feel about it.  I even hauled up my fall/Halloween decorations yesterday....yeah, yeah, I know, it's too early...but, it's my favorite time of year, and I like to luxuriate in it a bit.  I love Christmas, too, but for different reasons.  I love that we can be outside this time of year and be comfortable...especially in jeans and a sweatshirt.  That is heavenly.  I think canning the last batch of tomatoes yesterday convinced me that it's okay to move forward into the upcoming season.  I may actually take out my Simpsons Halloween people today and set them up....slowly....savoring the ones that still light up.  I did draw the line at buying small Halloween candy bars, though, knowing full well they wouldn't survive until the end of October!!

1 comment:

Jamie said...

Those damn small candy bars. They somehow trick you into eating all of them. Those damn TRICK or treat candies. They are a Trick all right!