Thursday, July 31, 2008


Tell me, is that a storm coming? It looks like smells like moves like one. Just wondering about good news and bad news. Good news is always fun, no matter the circumstances, no matter the delivery. Bad news, on the other hand, is always crushing, no matter the circumstances or the delivery. I have decided I'm a "give me the bad news all at once" kind of girl. Stretching out bad news doesn't lessen the "badness" of it all. I remember when Mas was a baby and he had a metabolic workup by (a very scary and hard to understand) neurologist that worked at the Air Force base we were stationed at. A few weeks after the blood draw, we received a call on a Friday afternoon that Mason had "elevated lactic acid levels." This was delivered in a voice we couldn't possibly understand on a good day. (Think Apu, from the Simpsons, while underwater and on downers, with laryngitis.) Elevated lactic acid? What was that? What caused it? What did it mean? We tried to ask him questions, but he couldn't understand us, and therefore couldn't answer us. Then he told us he would be on vacation for one week, so we couldn't talk to him until he was back. After his vacation, he called us again, to tell us Mason had "some type of mitochondrial disorder." This was followed by the incredibly hard to understand (for a lot of reasons) "I will be out of the office for one week." Are you kidding me?! I would say that is the worst way to receive bad news. Since that time, I have become somewhat of a demanding patient advocate for Mas, asking WAY more questions than I should, and pretty much demanding straight answers. I don't feel the majority of doctors are trained to deliver news. They are (hopefully) trained to reduce the amount of bad news that has to be delivered. However, if they have news for me, I'd rather hear it all at once, be it good or bad, so I can make an informed decision about it. I am beginning to realize my extremist attitude in this area (and others!) is not necessarily all the rage among other humans. Some people like a spoonful of sugar with their medicine...I want to swallow it and be done with it; no messy sugar crystals on the counter that end up on the floor for you to step on, and no acridly sweet taste as it goes down. Give it to me straight up, please! (And take cover, would ya? That there is a STORM!)


mrswade said...

I am so often touched by your blog. I love how you find such a different (read: wonderful) perspective on things. And I agree with you about bad news. I'm a band aid ripper.

Monroegirl said...

Band aid ripper, huh? I like that one! Thank you for the kind words!