Saturday, July 5, 2008

M. I. A.

Yes, I've been missing. It is summer, after all, and officially time to do the Country Time lemonade commercial stuff and swing over a lake and have picnics and give dogs baths outside in old tubs. Or something like that. We just returned from a week up north, at a cabin on a muskie lake. Blissful! Nothing like waking up every day to see the lake. I'm sure people who live on the lake just end up taking it for granted. I tell myself that, anyway. 14 was able to go tubing, which she loved. Mas enjoyed being in the boat and swimming, so he pretty much had it made all week. It was a great week, only slightly thrown off by receiving a phone call from Mason's school that he will be losing his 6th teacher in 2 1/2 years...on to number 7. ARGH. The worst part was, they chose to call us at 5 pm on a Friday, right before they (and us) would be gone for a week. Quite sneaky and rude. I suppose they thought we would forget about it while we were gone. Oops, wrong parents for that! Now, we have to try to figure out what to do about it. If you were running a school for kids like Mas and you lost 6 teachers in 2 1/2 years in one room, what would you do? I suggested that they contact all of the previous teachers and ask them why they're leaving, which seems like a logical place to start....hmmmm, neat it would be if that could be applied to special education. So, aside from pondering what to do about Mason's education, we also ate s'mores, fished for muskies, took pictures, listened to loons, ate at Zorbaz, (where the motto is: mexican and pizza go together like sand and buttcracks!) missed our dogs, (back home in the kennel!) tubed, swam, and sighed at lakehomes. It was wonderful! Now, to win the lottery and be able to afford a trailer on the lake! Here are some pics to illustrate my point.


Jamie said...

I love all of your pictures Laurie. You are one heck of a photographer. Keep taking pics and keep posting. I love your blog.

Monroegirl said...

We should get together and take pics sometime! I would love to do it for a cool would that be?