Tuesday, July 29, 2008

just shufflin' along

Summer just keeps pluggin' away here. Lots o' heat, lots o' humidity, lots o' stuff to do. The above pic is from a few weeks back; true colors, unedited. I need to learn how to edit to make it look like that! We were discussing why we never have big storms here. A friend of mine that grew up here told me that the Native Americans that live here have made it so that storms won't come into this town, in order to protect their pipestone quarries. Hmmm...maybe that's why we get great pics of storms around us, but they never seem to move through town. Enjoyed a nice music bath yesterday while mowing. Funny how putting your iPod on "shuffle songs" can just change your whole perspective. I was getting hit with songs by Frank Sinatra, then Red Willow Band, then Led Zeppelin, then Flora, etc. It was a fun, eclectic mix of stuff! Maybe my ADD side appreciated the change-up! We were able to visit with our relatives from Albert Lea this past weekend. That was fun! Always nice to get to know people who are actually related! Also managed (somehow, still not sure how) to walk Mas through two antique stores on Saturday! I was a nervous wreck. He, however, did quite well. The only caveat was, once we had gone around the store once, he pushed me towards the door to get out of there. There were no returning looks at anything! It's neat to see things that you can remember from your childhood; metal cups, particular glasses, old board games, etc. My mom and I exchanged quite a few "remember that's?" It was neat to be able to do that. I don't know what happened that Mas was able to walk through there so nicely, but I wish I could make it happen more often! If it was Wheaties for breakfast, believe you me I'd be buying Wheaties by the thousands! Riley, aka '14' is busy with band camp; 38 hours of band last week, and 35+ this week. She is "marching for real" this year, which means no more hiding in the pit up front. She will be glad not to be dealing with her bass and amp this year. A trumpet is so much easier to pack, carry, and keep track of! Other than that, things are pretty calm around here. Summer is just movin' right along.

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