Wednesday, July 16, 2008

just keep swimming...

That mama loon looks calm as all get-out, but she is paddling around, looking for fish, watching her kids, and toting one on her back. I feel your pain, mama loon. I'm here, just treading water like mad and trying to keep my wits about me. It's the lazy days of summer, but not around here! I have a beautiful batch of tomato plants that are going to be spewing out ripe tomatoes any day now, (which means salsa-makin' time at the Georgeson's) I have a son's school that is a mess at the moment, (including education coordinators who lie--grrr--and two arms that look like swiss cheese following a mandatory blood draw when Mas scratched someone...brought on by having a roomful of Masons in a tiny, closet-sized classroom) I have a daughter who is desperately hanging on to the few 'free' days of summer by sleeping in and chillaxin', (before two weeks of 8-5 band camp start up on Monday) I have a messy house that is just begging for attention, (started two days ago and spent one whole day on one room...good start) I have an incredibly dry yard and plants, (which require a lot of time and energy and water) I have three needy dogs, (Big Lug, Hen, and Grandpa) I have a grandma going through lots of scary medical tests (which don't sound at all fun), I have remembered why I don't believe in people anymore, (see school troubles and the end of working for peanuts) and I am once again trying out the weight watchers...(which is just as much fun as you might think!!) My plate is full! I am thankful that it is, though, and that I am able to take charge of my life and fight the battles that need to be fought. I do admit, however, that a day spent swinging back and forth on a hammock sounds amazingly wonderful and decadent...maybe once my house is clean! HA! Stay tuned to see how that works out.

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