Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Movin' through life

As I was enjoying a day with my mom and sister yesterday, I received a text from Howard that said: "Mas is covered in water soluble paint." I immediately texted back: "Take a picture!" I read my email later to find out he had a busy day of painting. When his newest teacher first started, she emailed me one day, very concerned about Mason's clothes being covered in paint. I told her to never apologize for him being dirty! I would much rather see him come home dirty and know he's been busy learning, than see him come home spotless and know he's just been sitting quietly in his room all day. I don't want life to happen around him, I want him to move through his life. I think that may be the best gift we can give him.

In other news, while Mas and I were waiting for the van this morning, I went around the house to turn the water on so I could water my front plants. Mas was waiting up on the steps. He watched me water and then I went back to turn off the faucet. When I came back, this is what I found! He was patiently waiting for me, sitting in our chair, watching the street for any sign of his van. Very cute.


Jamie said...

Love this post. Mas is amazing.

Monroegirl said...

You are so sweet! He is an amazing little soul.