Tuesday, June 10, 2008

just skippin' along!

Well, our fishing trip came up empty...sort of. We didn't land a muskie, but we saw the biggest muskie either of us has ever seen...swimming about 4 inches behind Howard's lure. It was easily as thick as a tire, and longer than his biggest muskie, which was 49 inches...a beast, to say it simply. It was pale, probably from being so old, and moved with a tiny flick of its' huge tail, and followed the lure in, made the first turn of the figure 8, and then slowly swam off. MAN, was that a fish! We were both shook by it the rest of the day...I even dreamt about it later that night! Alas, she didn't want to bite, but we thank her for showing herself long enough for us to remember why we bother with muskie fishing! Skipper was looking dapper in his life jacket...see photo above. Yes, I know dogs can instinctually swim, but I was more concerned he would bolt for shore and we'd be chasing him through (very rich) neighborhoods around the lake. His jacket has a handy dandy handle which makes it easy to pull him back into the boat. He did manage to get hooked onto 4 different muskie lures...which average about 6-7 inches in length and are covered in treble hooks...only one was embedded in his leg, and it must have barely been in there, since he didn't say a word while I removed it. Mas enjoyed his first day out in the boat for 2008...and so did I! A funny side note...as I was walking Skip to the boat, some teenage kid was staring at us and he finally walked up to me and said, "That's a nice looking dog." Word.

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