Sunday, June 8, 2008

harbinger of slime

Well, we're headed off to fish today. We're going to drive two hours (that's four hours round trip) to throw lures in front of totally disinterested slimy fish; only to watch them lazily follow our (very expensive) lures around and maybe nip at them occasionally, only to give us the fin and swim back into their cover. We won't fill our livewell, and if we do catch anything, we'll take a pic and release it back into the water. We're going muskie fishing. It sounds like a rather depressing sport, eh? It's actually quite fun, if not an exercise in futility at some points along the way. The great news is, it will be me and Mason's first time out on the boat this year, and we may get brave (or stupid) and bring Skipper along. Pictures to follow. Wish us luck, as we attempt to wrangle this harbinger of slime...if I catch one, I'll give a it a kiss right on its' slimy snout. That should scare him out of biting again!


Jamie said...

I go opening day trout fishing every year in the Eastern Sierras. Most years I don't even get a bite. This last April I caught 5! 3Natives, 2 planted. Put one back it was a baby. The trout was smoked and everyone seems to like it!

Monroegirl said...

I've never even tasted trout. I would like to try it sometime. I didn't know you even fished! We are related! HAHA!