Friday, May 23, 2008

what a rush

Well, it was a long day, but a wonderful one. We spent lastnight being entertained by Geddy, Neil, and Alex, or "Rush", to you. It was amazing. I think it might be the best I've ever seen them. It was our 5th time seeing them in concert, and Riley's 2nd time. Aside from the pill popping guy to my left, who kept air drumming and running his hands into me, and also pushing me over until I was eventually standing behind Riley in order to see; the two spooks in front of us who were smoking weed, which was entirely disgusting; and the incredible heat inside the Excel Center, things rocked. --side note--Howard eventually tapped the dude on the shoulder and asked him to knock it off, which he *(surprisingly!)* did. I am hard pressed to pick a fave song, but would probably have to go with "The Spirit of Radio", which is one of the ones I love the most anyway. (although it's like picking your favorite child to actually pick out your favorite Rush song!!) The band was plagued by a few mix problems and Alex seemed to have monitor troubles, but other than that, it was incredible. Geddy was "on" and stayed on for the entire 3+ hours. It's amazing to me that they have no opening act and can play music for that long, and just be so ALIVE, song after song. Bands half their age can't do that. Neil was actually SMILING a few times lastnight, too, which was so fun to see! What a guy! I decided that I am designed to listen to very loud music. It fills my soul with joy and makes me want to live a good life! After driving straight through, we arrived home at 3:30 am and managed to snooze through pretty well until around 9:30, for me, and later for everyone else. It was a great night!

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