Monday, May 12, 2008


Hope you all had a great Mother's Day. Mine was fine. Yesterday also marked the ten year anniversary of my dad passing away. It seems like it was only a year ago. It's amazing how time marches by, no matter what you're up to. I went up to help with marching band this morning. (The band is going to be marching in Portland in a few weeks.) Everyone looked older and prettier. I wonder where the time goes?! I didn't even recognize a few of the kids. I hope I don't look any older! (Groan...)Riley learned that self tanners are hard to apply this weekend. Poor kid. There is definitely an art to application where they are concerned. Mas has a cold, so we dealt with that all weekend. (It would be so helpful if he could cough well or blow his nose.) I think back to ten years ago and remember that Mother's Day; not knowing what was going to happen with Mason, having cute little Riley run around with bugs in a bug keeper, and trying to picture my mom without my dad. Amazing how things change. I did make sourdough pancakes in honor of my dad yesterday, though, and enjoyed every bite. It's still weird without him here. I don't know if that ever goes away completely. But, regardless, time continues to move forward, no matter what we're doing with our days. Here's to having a good day, TODAY!

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mrswade said...

AMEN! Hope your day is great!