Thursday, May 1, 2008

not Castro-ated

Sorry; I couldn't help it! I was a bit surprised Jason stayed, but not so surprised that it was Brooke. I think Brooke wore the deer in the headlights look well...(or, the "dear" in the headlights look)...sigh...gotta love her!

Certainly, she is a more talented musician than Mr. Castro, but the American people could see her weekly escalating panic and screech-y fear rising in her voice. Reminds me of Bull Durham, when Susan Sarandon is telling Tim Robbins that he is thinking too much...that his mind needs to be somewhere else to pitch. I tend to think music performance does draw some parallels; although you need to be totally in the moment to carry off a great performance, you also need to not be thinking so much of each note you sing, each person in the audience who is frowning at you, each raised eyebrow of the judge. It's maybe most similar to the gestalt theory, which states that the sum of the parts is different than the whole. While you CAN break down a musical performance into individual notes, volumes, tempos, (and in Paula's case: outfits), it's only when the performance stands alone as a WHOLE that people are touched and moved by it; that it has served it's real purpose. I think the Davids get that. I think Brooke did get that in the beginning, but seemed to have lost that along the way when she started listening to her detractors. Castro just seems embarrassed and tired of the whole scenario, and Syesha, while able to look like she's in the moment, is cursed with the voice of a non-polished singer; someone who is crashing into notes rather than finding them and centering them. The thing is, you can't learn to find your pitches note by note during a performance. That is learned by hours of practice with a trained vocal coach. Still, though, I think we will see Castro leaving next, followed by Syesha, and then a fun double David standoff. Yay! I'm looking forward to the final battle!

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