Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Well, I've been missing in action a little bit lately...the Masinator is home for two weeks, so I've been busy being mom and trying (desperately; and not succeeding) to keep him out of things. He has discovered the neat toys I have in the kitchen drawers, and seems totally drawn to the turkey baster. Lastnight he decided to be awake for four hours in the middle of the night...even untaped his light switch and was playing gleefully in total room light....nice! He somehow managed to get his Disney store Pooh snowglobe (which is quite heavy) off of his dresser and into his bed during his fiesta lastnight...this afternoon, he somehow hauled it into the living room, where it was perched precariously on top of our (makeshift doggy/kid gate) covered dog kennel, right over the basement steps. Gasp. At least he, for once, didn't throw it to see what type of sound it made as it flew down the basement steps and into his sister's head. Riley got her hair colored today, so she is a happy camper. She is prepping for a band trip that will take her out of state for one whole week! (During which time her grandma and myself will be transforming her room into teen mania happiness room!) I feel safe blogging about that here since she doesn't read my blog! It is a surprise and I hope it is a good one! It was weird not to have anything to watch lastnight...former Idol night...but we have so many things DVR'ed that I think we can watch tv for three days straight and not catch up. Whoever invented the DVR has my undying love and devotion for-EVAR!!

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Cousin Jamie said...

My Mom redid our room one summer when we were in the midwest. New wallpaper, comforters, sheets... What a surprise. No more hot pink, yellow and orange gingham and plaid like wallpaper anymore. Instead muted off-white wallpaper with blue, rose and sage green floral print. She worked very hard and spent what extra money she had to revamp our baby room into a pre-teen room. Thanks for the reminder. I shall call her tomorrow to thank her! Love you!