Friday, May 2, 2008

just a springin'

Well, here we are, into MAY now, and I still am unable to plant! Grr! They are still forecasting 29 degree lows through Sunday night, so that puts a damper on Green Things Surviving The Night While Living Outside. It is beyond frustrating. On a happier note, the western half of the state is experiencing a blizzard, (while the eastern half was experiencing tornados lastnight) so who are we to complain? We'll take our rain and we'll like it! I'll be glad when I no longer have to baby my plants in the garage, however. I fear by the time spring arrives, it will be summer. If you're bored and want The Picture Box to entertain you, try checking out The Alaska Experiment...they take various groups of people, drop them in various remote parts of Alaska, and give them housing and a small bit of rations and then leave them there for 3 months. Let the fun begin! We were laughing the hardest at the father with two daughters; he was out fishing, they were in the tent wolfing down the only jar of peanut butter and eating raw potatoes. Hello?! I wonder how they will fare? I'm rooting for Alaska in their cabin. The scariest couple is the one living in a white tent, (given some fancy Alaskan name...but, still just a white tent) in the middle of a lot of bears. BIG bears. I wonder how long it would take the bear to break into the tent? That goes beyond survival into stupidity. They are, however, equipped with a bear whistle. Hmmm. I do think, though, that this is one of the more thought-provoking, discussion-starting shows we've watched in a long time...(along with Deadliest Catch, our fave reality show)...our 13 year old even watched it and asked a lot of great questions about survival, firewood, and food. As long as the weather keeps rearing its' ugly head at us, it's good to know The Picture Box can come through. (See, we do watch something besides American Idol!!)

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