Sunday, May 4, 2008


I'm taking a chance on Green Things Surviving the Night and planted today. Everything. Yikes. It was a LONG day! I planted everything in the front of the house, both whiskey barrels, and put in the entire garden, coffee cans and all. We'll see how everything fares. They have changed our low tonight to 40 degrees, so that will help things. I realized today that gardening is hard work! Yesterday, I put in 9 rhubarb plants and added 6 peonies to my line of peonies, making it 11 total. I was amazed to realize that the peonies that I dug up from my mom's yard have been there for (at least) 38 1/2 years! That is a long time. It will be fun to see how they do. The martins are enjoying this weather; had 8 of them on the house today. They sing so beautifully in the morning. It is so great to see green grass for a change. Let's hope spring is here to stay this time! I will post pics of the work later on! We are hoping to see the whites of our concrete contractor's eyes this week, as we are having a colored, stamped concrete patio put in. He has been scarce due to the weather, but we should be seeing him soon. After that's done, more planting will be done around the deck and patio, and then I should be able to take pics of it. Hope you all are able to enjoy the weather! We are!

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