Friday, May 16, 2008

coughing up spring

Well, it must be spring, because Riley and I are busy coughing our lungs out. We are both on our respective antibiotics. It's no fun. I coughed so hard today I saw stars and then saw black. I think I checked out for a moment! Wild! That's a first for me. Riley had track and field day today and burned the top of her head. We had a long discussion about sunscreen lastnight, but I failed to mention applying it on her part. Silly us! Tomorrow she has 12 hours of band, so hopefully she will know enough to wear a hat or to apply lots o' sunscreen...or, change her part! I had a weary day of coughing and going up to bat for Mas again...seems logic is so difficult to come by in the education game for these kiddos. I guess all a person can do is fight the good fight and do what is right. If there's any truth to karma, I can sleep well tonight! (in between coughing fits...) Our patio is nearing completion and it is really exciting. I'm a long way from drinking lemonade while swinging in my swing and watching Mas in his pool and hearing the martins overhead while throwing balls for the dogs to fetch, but we are getting closer every day! The weather hasn't been on our side, but we can't control that. Above is a pic of the start of Garden #1, and our patio in the distance. Yes, it appears pink, but it is supposed to be brown with red highlights...we'll see what the final color looks like!

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