Thursday, May 29, 2008


I was thinking today about why I'm not a cleaner. Sure, I can give you some clever clean-isms about smart people being messy, being too busy to clean, cleaning making you sick, etc. I could also blame Mas, which would be partially correct. He is a tornado in jeans, I will say that. He can unclean a room in moments. Here's a sample of his work: spitting on the windowsills; spitting on the window and then rubbing his forehead in the spit on the window; spitting on the screen front entry door; taking things out of drawers; pulling dirty and clean clothes out of the laundry baskets and walking around the house with them; taking every single item out of its' Designated Place in his room; destroying mini blinds so he can look outside; throwing multiple items down the basement stairs and then gleefully chortling; spitting food out on the furniture and leaving it there, so it can dry into a crusty nasty evil glob of partially digested food; pulling fun things out of the garbage, etc. I could go on and on. But, then, I may not have any readers. Some will be leaving just because I wrote: "But, then..." But, then, I digress. I'm not sure why I hate cleaning so much. One obvious reason to me is that it seems foolish to clean things that are going to get dirty again. Making beds seems the most pointless of this type of cleaning. I know I am probably alone in that comment. However, it seems odd to pull your bed together and get it looking "fab", just to go to bed that night and make it a mess again. I sometimes will make it and use all of our throw pillows in order to make it look just so...but, we always mess it up again when we go to bed. So, go figure! Cleaning Mason's room is like sweeping out the ocean. You can clean it for awhile, but as soon as he's home, it's tornadic in appearance again. Sigh. I do have particular rules about his toys; no toys in our bedroom, and no toys out in the house after he goes to bed. That seems logical. I guess I'll just never be a squeaky clean type of person; however, it doesn't seem to be just that important to me, anyway. So, I don't feel like I'm really missing much!

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