Wednesday, April 23, 2008

oh no you di'int

Brooke, are you kidding me? What were you thinking? After your restart (second one of the season) you were caught thinking, AGAIN, while you tried to sing! ARGH! I know you don't need this show, but I like you, and a singer/songwriter is hard to come by in today's music scene. Starting over is one thing, but thinking yourself off the show is another. I can only assume you want to go home?! Jason, I didn't buy it, not for a second. Painful to watch. Carly, I still feel you are shouting and hurting your vocal chords. But, I did almost believe what you were singing this week. David A. and David C., bravo! I'm sure we'll see you both in the final show! Syesha, good girl! Way to work the bandleader and way to finally look like you are enjoying yourself. I think it's safe to say you were in the moment, out of tune notes and all! We can overlook the "pitchiness" for an in the moment moment. Nice job! I thought the Andrew Lloyd Webber moments were golden! He was hilarious and I'm sure he was wondering why he was there a couple of times! Yea Sir Andrew! I think Carly or Jason will be hitting the road tonight. It's getting interesting!

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