Friday, April 11, 2008


"Beauty-Softyhead-BoBo-Paws-Chief-Snuggybear-Of The Southeastern Chief Snuggybears." "Senor Messyball." "Lump." "Chief." "Masinator." "Little Tornado." These are some of the nicknames that Riley has come up with for Mason. The first string of nicknames was started by her when she was quite young; it used to be a riot to hear her fly through all of those names; especially since she pronounced "snuggybear" as "snuggybo." Both kids are home today due to weather, so I was reminded of Mason's nickname of he can turn any clean space into a pigpen in mere moments. It's almost impressive, if you like to live in a pigpen, that is. If you don't, then it's probably not as impressive. Riley's nicknames are "Missy", "Thirteen", "Sweets", "Riley-Smiley" and my favorite, "Babycakes." That last one was started by my dad when she was just a baby. I can still hear him say it. My nickname growing up was "Motormouth." I have no idea where that came from.

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FishMama said...

"Babycakes" must be a Getskow thing. Jack used it on us when we were little and on the grandgirls now.