Thursday, April 24, 2008

nice spring rain

Well, the roof is tinkling with the sounds of a nice, slow, spring rain this morning. It's enjoyable to listen to and good for all of the peonies I planted last week. As much as I love a good ol' thunderstorm, (even better if it's tornadic!!) there's also something to be said for a nice, steady rain with no added drama. Speaking of added drama, how about Idol lastnight? I was shocked Brooke was still there, but after hearing she is now the "vote for the worst" choice, I imagine she'll stay awhile. What she needs is to just block out the crowd, quit trying to work it, and go out and sing. I think what's hurting her is her strange mannerisms and little facial movements that make you think she's faking. I think Jason and Brooke should go out for supper and enjoy this week; they are both marked now, and Syesha, too, for that matter. Maybe they should go to Applebee's and raise their glasses in a toast. I wasn't so sad to see Carly go; as talented as she is, she has been thinking too much, trying too hard, and overusing her vocal cords. It's exhausting to listen to. I think she was told she was great one too many times, she listened to that, and now she's in the trap that so many of those contestants get into..."But my friends think I'm the best!!" I imagine she was ready to go anyway, and I am soooo ready to not look at that awful tattoo anymore! Whew!

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