Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hell Yeah

In eager anticipation of tonight's Idol, here's a lofty wishlist: for David Cook to sing, "Hell Yeah", from Neil Diamond's 12 Songs produced by Rick Rubin. David would rock at that song, and it would fit him soooo well. I wonder if Syesha might sing, "You Don't Bring Me Flowers"...I could see her enjoying that one. I hope no one sings "America"...not my fave Neil song. I'm really curious to see what Jason Castro will choose. David Archuletta....hmmmm...how about "Hello Again." That would be beautiful. Brooke White is the one I'm not sure about. She is finally in a genre she can embrace, though, so it should be interesting. One thing we can be sure of, Neil Diamond is awesome and his songbook is vast, so it will be a fun night. Enjoy! Here's hoping the kids learn something from the master and don't think so much while they sing...just live in the moment, baby! :o)

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