Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Yesterday brought about an interesting development. I had to fill out a form for Mason, to answer questions about bladder and bowel control so that he can work a therapist who specializes in such matters. The form was only a front and back piece of paper, but it was agonizing in terms of trying to fill it out. The questions included things like: "Do you have pain when you urinate?" "How many times do you urinate during the night?" "Do you hold your bowel movements until certain times of the day?" "Do you dribble after urination?" Out of about 50 questions, I had to answer "I don't know" to 30+. Argh! It was painful! I mean, we have pictures on his communication device that deal with hunger, entertainment, people, etc., but we have no way of knowing if he has pain when he urinates. Just another example of why speech would have been a nice gift for Mas. Seeing as we've been attempting to toilet train him for 15 months now, this help will be much appreciated. I just hope the therapist isn't too bothered by the lack of information on this form!

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