Wednesday, April 9, 2008

come play the stick game, use your ears...

I've taken a few days off here...sick a couple of days, nothing to say on the others. After watching (listening) to Idol lastnight, I felt inspired to post a post about listening.

Last year, you probably remember watching Kellie Pickler claw her way through songs that were much bigger than her voice. People seemed to think she was an amazing singer; however, she was just cute to watch. I finally convinced people of that by having them listen to her sing last year with their eyes closed; people would call me up and say, "You're right." I was like, "Duh!" :o)

Lastnight that became apparent again with Carly and Brooke, both of whom I like. Carly, because somewhere behind the horrendous tattoo and inflammed vocal cords is a powerful singer, and Brooke because she is a singer/songwriter, and they will always garner my vote over just a singer. Anywhoo, I listened to both of them lastnight with my eyes closed, and guess what, Randy was not just being grouchy or vying for Simon's supposedly "rude" spot...they were both off pitch more times than they were on, both oversinging, and both struggling to center any pitch they came into contact with. Even Syesha had a few moments where she was just sliding around hoping to bump into the note she wanted; she also gets by on the "cuteness factor", like so many Idols before her. Even with David Archuletta's pitch troubles in his low register lastnight, I think most people agree he is in a class by himself as far as singing, performing, and believability go. Case in point; consider whether you believe what David sings vs. what Kristy Lee Cook sings. I can tell you right now most people would not buy an album by Kristy Lee Cook. They might watch her at a free concert at Sea World, but her eye candy appeal is the only thing that has kept her in this long; that, plus being really the only obvious vote for country fans. I challenge those of you who disagree with me to watch the next Idol sans vision; I can guarantee you will hear things that amaze you; and although you'll miss out of the contestant's beautiful outfits, no worries, since Paula will go over that for you in her "critique." Happy Listening.

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