Wednesday, April 30, 2008


That's like being exorcised, only without the excitement! ( with me, here...) I do believe Jason Castro will be hittin' the high road tonight! He seems embarrassed to be there and just floats through the songs like he could care less. Believability? Doesn't have it! How and I decided lastnight that he would be a great singer at a resort somewhere, when you want to relax and have not a care in the world. But, as far as buying his album or going to his concert? I don't think so! Too bad he's never come back after his Hallelujah night...that was stellar. Brooke was scared, and thinking, yet AGAIN! She was way more comfortable behind the piano, though. Syesha was believable, but still woefully out of tune. Not that every great singer sings on pitch, but I think she is still unable to center her notes and just slides into them and crashes on top of them in a panicked frenzy. She is absolutely adorable, though. My little Archie sang America, which I was hoping no one would try to sing. Argh. Didn't care for it. However, my daughter claims he is "so cute; I just want to squish him!" Apparently, a strong pull toward the 13-year old segment of the population! I thought David Cook was genius, again, and found myself wanting to see him in concert when this is over. I am guessing we will be saying goodbye to Jason, Brooke, or Syesha. If they aren't in the bottom three, then "vote for the worst" is in full swing. I still look for it to be a David squared final show. Yay!

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