Tuesday, April 15, 2008

assume the crash position...

Well, so here we are on Tuesday again, waiting for American Idol. I was sad and shocked to see Michael Johns go home last week, if only because that type of swagger is usually reserved for people who are already recording. I think the voters got it wrong, but I do think he was in a tough niche and that he sometimes got lost in the flotsam and jetsam of it all. One would hope that this week will be the last week of Kristy Lee Cook, whose singing makes me cringe. It reminds me of Friday afternoon student forums in college, where a group of us would "assume the crash position" as certain singers got up to muddle their way through something Italian. I think there is where I grew to hate sopranos. And bad singers. And muddled languages during bad singer's songs. I can remember only enjoying two sopranos during my 5 years as a music major at SDSU; Nancy McIntire, and Shari Peters. I seem to have a huge distaste for high pitches. Which brings me to tonight's coloratura package and guest artist, Mariah Carey. (To think, Michael Johns was going to do my favorite MC song ever, Vision of Love...sob, weep, sniff...) Let's hope Mariah does us all a favor and shows up tomorrow night in full voice, not the raspy, wispy, thinned-out voice that some rapper told her was hot. I miss hearing her blow through her 8 octave range with no apologies, and heading up to that coloratura range while taking no prisoners. I hope to see her there and strong. As far as the Idols go, I'm curious to see what Carly will do with Mariah; my guess is she'll oversing something that's not very popular. Brooke may struggle; hopefully, she'll take one of Mariah's strong melody songs in her own way and "keep it real", to quote Randy. Syesha will try to Whitney-ize something and go overboard. I expect David Archuletta to have a good night; Mariah's songs shouldn't scare him off, and he's been a strong, full-voiced ballad singer all along. Jason Castro may struggle with finding a small enough Mariah song to Castroize; I don't think he'll be able to put a ukelele with very many Mariah songs and make it sound good. David Cook will have his brother in the audience tonight, who has cancer, so I'm hoping for an emotional delivery from him, with a catchy arrangement. Let's hope Kristy Lee Cook picks something dreadfully difficult and all over the place, so we can watch (listen to) her fall, once and for all. At least there will be something worth watching tonight.

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