Wednesday, April 16, 2008

arbitrary numbers

So, Idol was pretty good lastnight, eh? I was glad to see they did some old school Mariah, especially "Vanishing", which is a great song. I have a prediction that we're going to be left with guys at the end, though, since all of the girls are so busy thinking while they're singing. (Just watch them, and you can see their thought process showing up in their pained expressions...) I think if you are really singing a song, you should be so immersed in your music bath that your only thoughts are on the song that is coming out of your mouth. I do think Brooke had a rough night, and although I really like her and would buy her album, I don't think they've really had a night where she can shine yet. She's obviously talented and will be a great singer/songwriter, but maybe she is feeling out of her element on the show as of late. I felt like Carly actually oversang/overthought her song, again, which is too bad. You could actually see her processing while she sang, which is a sure sign that someone is not in the moment. Syesha picked my favorite song of the night, and did well, except for a low run midway through that was nowhere near the right pitches. Kristy Lee Cook did exactly what I expected; butchered a song and held on to her Star Search notes, off-pitch, for an incredibly long and excruciating time. Argh. I would hope this will be her last week. I thought Jason Castro was smart in his choice and arrangement, yet again, and found it okay. David Archuletta was believable and did exactly what I had hoped he would; wrapped his arms around a great big ballad and went for broke! Go, Archie! I think David Cook was the smartest of the night, again, and I am hopeful it will be a double David showdown at the end of this whole thing. By the way, when did people stop working on their low registers? Either key those songs up a couple of steps, or avoid that low range altogether! Why aren't the coaches steering them away from this? There's more to a song than the big money notes at the end; they all need to work on their beginnings and their song set-ups; even David Archuletta is not immune to sounding sharp and breathy in his low register. However, I digress. The title of this post is "arbitrary numbers," which was inspired by viewing one of my fave reality shows, The Biggest Loser. Lastnight was the season finale, and I was reminded of one of my Biggest pet peeves as of late, that is, referring to giving something "110%." Now, people, isn't 110% as arbitrary an amount as, let's say, 137%? Or, 169%? Let's say what it is: I feel as though I can give 97-98%, and save saying 100% for those really big moments. No one is capable of giving over 100%. Just my 2%.

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