Tuesday, March 11, 2008

what it is

And so I post this afternoon feeling as though a gremlin has crawled into my nose and filled my nose with concrete. Fun! There is no other way to describe it. A crushing feeling of solidly packed sinus cavities. I gave in and started antibiotics that we had laying around here...not the best way to do it, but practical in this town, where getting in for a same day appointment is next to impossible. I realized my sinuses have been not operating at maximum efficiency for about a month now. Maybe this cold one day, warm the next weather pattern is not doing us any favors. On the good news side of things, Mas seems to be over the hump with his pneumonia. He even grabs the dinosaur nebulizer mask now and puts it up to his face to let you know he wants a treatment. Pretty funny! He is still coughing a little bit, not as much as Friday, though. He is acting about 95% normally and I think he is responding to his antibiotics. What a relief. We threw caution to the wind and went to Minneapolis this weekend anyway, and he enjoyed the pool and hot tub. He was a trooper and did so well in the hotel room and with sleeping on his little blow up bed on the floor. Riley had a good time shopping and we found a consignment store in the Roseville mall, so even better for her! She found some treasures there. Howard ordered a replica of his muskie, so in 6-8 months we'll have a visual representation of what that baby looked like. It's pretty exciting to think about. I told him once it's stuffed, I am hoping to catch a 50 incher, which would beat his fish by 1 inch! HAHA! That's probably the only way to catch a 50; to stuff a 49! Riley and Mas were each given hats by some of the guys in one of the booths; Riley's is gray and pink and quite cute. As for me, I bought some pink lures, (due to my success with pink lures last year) and also enjoyed browsing REI and Cabela's. It makes a person want spring, that's for sure! Being around all that fishing stuff was difficult for me; can't even watch fishing shows now without wanting to break out the boat and hit the water...oh, wait, there is no open water yet. I am ready for my first cast, though, that's for sure! We also enjoyed our favorite German restaurant while we were there; will post pics from there later. We found out Mas loves accordions! He couldn't get enough of the accordion player! He even clapped whenever he heard it and it wasn't right by us. His grandpa Jim plays it, so we'll have to have him give Mas a concert sometime. We had a great weekend! I think it was the most fun we've ever had in Minneapolis. YAY!

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