Thursday, March 6, 2008

weapons grade bugs

It's been a long day of doctoring, medicines, pharmacy visit, treatments, blood draw, x-ray, arghhhhhhhhhh. Mas has a little spot of pneumonia in his right lung, following a bout with what we assumed was influenza A last week. (Of interest is the fact that when we all fought off influenza A two years ago, he followed that with 3 bouts of pneumonia, so hopefully this isn't a new postviral trend for him...) He has a classroom of 5 kids total, and two of them swabbed positive for influenza A, and the other two had upper respiratory viruses that their families chose to treat like the flu. We had symptoms last Thursday and decided to go the tamiflu route. Mason's cough changed from a dry, annoying cough on Tuesday to a phlegm-y, productive cough, which I kept telling Howard sounded like pneumonia. Moms know! He woke up this morning just screaming, cheeks bright red, not wanting to walk to the bathroom, etc. We made an appointment for 8:30 and he had a blood draw and chest x-ray, and they also swabbed for the flu. The swab was negative, the blood draw showed an elevated white count, and the chest x-ray showed a spot of pneumonia. While we were waiting for various tests/results/scripts, he laid on me and moaned with red rimmed eyes with purple lines underneath, with his temp of 102....excruciating. He was wailing like he was an animal for awhile this morning...would have been a nice time in his life for him to be able to tell us what hurt. Since Mas usually runs 96.1, 102 was a sizable fever for the little guy. It is always humbling to go to the doctor when he is sick...lots of great people helping us today, and it's always nice to know that safety net is available when we need it. It hit me today how odd it is that he is 10 1/2 years old and only weighs 54 pounds...a comment from one of the nurses about that jolted me back to reality that this is not a normal weight for a kid that age! Anywhoo, wanted to post to let those who "know" us know that we are all doing well tonight and Mas is starting to look somewhat better. Always a relief to see him rebound on his own...everytime he gets sick I wonder if this is the time he won't get better, so to see an improvement already is a huge blessing. Rest assured he had many hugs today and spent most of the day on mom's lap, even taking a NAP on me at one point. (Those of you who "know" him realize how wild that news is!) Even his 13 year old sister stopped at the chair tonight, grabbed his little hand, and said, "Aww, bug, how are you feeling?" Made her mom tear up inside!! Please send good wishes Mason's way for a speedy and complete recovery!!


FishMama said...

Hey Cuz,

I will be praying for your little guy. We had the flu twice this winter, and it was nasty. I can't imagine pneumonia on top of that. Glad you are getting good cuddle time with Mason. :)

On another note, Nile weighs just 60 pounds and he's a tad older. Skinny Getskows.

Cousin Jamie said...

That is a great picture of Mason. I hope your sweet boy recovers completely and quickly. No fun being sick! Love you!