Friday, March 28, 2008


Sparring...Sparing...Spurring...Sproing...Spring is taking it's suh-weet time this year. Yes, I know it's still March. Yes, I know we can have blizzards up until May. But, come on, can't we have some decent weather at some point? It's getting old! Of course, my mood may be tempered by the fact that I have Mas home for his spring break...perhaps picking up 100 malted milk eggs off the floor (some of them having been sucked on, and then spit out for some reason) because I dared to check my email yesterday may have colored my opinion on the weather. We tried reading books yesterday, which mostly results in lots of frustration on my part and lots of trying to get away on his part...we sat on our bed with a flashlight, but that only lasts a certain amount of time...watched some Sesame Street and El Tigre...I opened and dispersed at least 20 mini packs of teddy grahams and fruit snacks...we tried pottying with underwear alone, underwear with pull-ups, and eventually just pull-ups...I cleaned up (and ignored, as per his last IEP) each incident of spitting we had, which probably numbered in the 30s...we took an excursion to Brookings lastnight with his sister for pizza...and laughed at my husband when he meekly offered this nugget: well, tomorrow is Friday. :o) It was a long day! At least some nice weather would open up the option of going outside for a change of pace. We'll see what today brings as far as weather is concerned.

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