Thursday, March 20, 2008

not quite spring, not quite winter

Well, I haven't posted because I've been in environmental limbo...nice one day, rainy the next, nice again, then snowy, etc. It's the midwestern gray zone that happens right before spring erupts. Not a very fun time. But, it should make us appreciate our spring once it's sprung. Other than muddy dog paws and not knowing what type of coat to wear, things are pretty status quo around here. One interesting thing of note is that Mas had a bagpipe and drum assembly this week and the teachers tell me he loved it! They said he was clapping and laughing throughout! I'm starting to think there's more of a musical inclination in him than I used to think there was. In other news, Riley had her conferences and we heard how "wonderful, kind, nice, smart, delightful, and gorgeous" she is...we are assuming now that her teen behavior is saved for us here at home! Seriously, though, it was nice to go talk to her teachers and hear such great things. Makes us realize she must listen to at least every third or fourth sentence we tell her. Other than that, just wishing our entire backyard was made of concrete so there were less paws to clean! Here's wishing everyone a great Easter and some signs of spring!

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