Monday, March 3, 2008


Mas has this cool contraption called a "Go Talk." It is an augmentative communication device with about 20 pics per sheet of laminated paper, and about 5 sheets of paper so far. It has the obvious things on it...potty, supper, drink, tv, toy, book, Riley, grandma, auntie, etc. The one button on there that he's been pushing lately is a photo of me, and there's a recording of his speech therapist saying, "Mom." It's spoken really quickly and shortly, and sounds cute, like a little boy saying mom. I wonder what it would sound like if he were to say mom? I often wonder what his voice would have sounded like. Sometimes, when he gets into a gut-busting fit of laughter, some sounds come out and I wonder if that's what his voice would be like. He also has his usual sounds he makes that can give someone somewhat of an idea what his actual voice would have sounded like. For now, it's someone else's voice doing the actual talking, although it's nice to know he likes to push 'my' button once in awhile!


FishMama said...

I bet that's not the only button of "yours" he pushes. ;)

That is very cool. I just read about that machine in a magazine. So glad you have one.

Monroegirl said...

HAHA! You are correct..there are others! :o) It is a neat device.