Tuesday, March 4, 2008


This is Howard's grandma, Phyllis Friman, at her recent birthday party.
Just thinking about how Riley said to me again the other day, "I don't wanna get old." I had to agree! But, as Howard's grandpa always used to say, it's better than the alternative. I try to remind her we will all be old, someday, God willing. She uttered this comment after leaving the nursing home to visit her great grandma. I remember going to visit my great grandma at the home in Watertown. My mom had a small set of mini pens that I was only allowed to play with while we were visiting her there. I can remember we would walk into the home and I would always think it was the scariest place with the scariest people. Now, I realize all of those "scary people" are actually People, with stories and histories and hobbies and favorite things and issues. It's much more interesting to view them this way. It's so hard to see 89 from 13, isn't it?

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