Wednesday, March 5, 2008

1-3 inches

That's what the weatherfolk said...1-3 inches of new snow possible...most likely people will just see around an inch...nothing to get excited about...what a bunch of liars! HA! We had a very healthy and pregnant-looking 3++ inches of snow, which I shoveled out of our driveway by hand this sissy snowblowers for me. I wanted to see what 1-3 inches of snow looked like. I think these people need to try their hand and guessing people's weight at the county fair or going on the Price is Right. Argh. The guy who loaded up our dumpster garbage said, "I thought we were done with this!" Me: "I thought we were, too!" Him: "I hear we're supposed to get more early next week." Me: "Great!" I bent over to load up another shovelfull of the white stuff. The best news is, we are only about 2 months away from no more snow...isn't that a lovely thought?

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