Wednesday, February 20, 2008

when life gives you lemons, make hamburger

Well, yesterday started off like a Monday, although it was a Tuesday, which is odd since cosmic forces joined hands to make it a Monday. I'll get to that in a moment. After my workout on the elliptical yesterday, I decided to get meat out of the freezer since I was in the basement anyway. Upon opening the freezer, I noticed the frost buildup was not nearly as thick as usual...upon further investigation, I noticed things were thawing out...not good. I woke up the hubby and we proceeded to find out that a couple of bags had been thrown next to the vent, causing it to heat up and then it blew out the compressor. Most of the meat was thawed too much to be safe, so we started throwing it into garbage bags. Considering it was a 14 cubic foot chest freezer that was about 3/4 full, we had our work cut out for us. We found some tenderized steaks in the middle that were still frozen. The reason they were still there and in such force is because none of us like tenderized steaks. But, when you buy a cow, you are limited to how many "real" steaks and roasts you can have made. So, after cleaning out the freezer, we put the stuff we wanted to save outside, since, yes, it is cold enough outside lately to keep food frozen...that's an entirely different topic. We then proceeded to haul the old freezer upstairs, which was a lovely experience. Men and women should sign agreements never to move large appliances together. After we hefted it up the stairs, we loaded it into the pickup and drove it to the folks' farm and tried to drive it out to the hole in the pasture. Well, the snow depth was a bit deceiving, and we ended up burying the Tundra's wheels up to the running boards. Nice. Howard got the tractor to pull it out, (while I nervously reversed the truck--the "new" shiny truck!!-- through the pasture gate.) Then, Howard and his mom loaded the freezer onto the tractor and he drove it out to the hole and dumped it. Next, we went to town to buy a new freezer, and drove it home just in time to get our daughter from school. We heaved the new freezer downstairs and plugged it in, and then went upstairs to grind about 15 packages of tenderized steaks into ground beef. Some things to note about this experience are: the meat grinding attachment on the upright mixers ROCKS, but it also likes to spit out blood onto whatever is near it while it grinds...also, it doesn't really like to grind frozen meat very much. The nice news is, we have our new freezer in place, and now we no longer have to worry about how to make tenderized steaks seem appetizing, since they are living out their new lives as hamburger! Now, on to is so cold, (how cold is it?) that the kids both have a two hour late start to help it warm up first! The actual temperature here is hovering around -20...not counting windchill! BRRR! It's even so cold that our wireless thermometer outside is not reading the temperature...that's never a good sign! So, at least we weren't doing freezer drama today!

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FishMama said...

I feel your pain. We've had such nonsense with our freezer + cow as well.

IF you have any minutes steaks left, here is a yummy recipe for them - really.

I found it too salty with the worcestershire. But, it was yummy.