Saturday, February 23, 2008


Of course, my little post about Mas may seem like a pity party to some of you...(Pity Party, party of 1!)...I do host them from time to time, although it is impossible to stay in that state of mind for very long before realizing that you are of no use to someone while you are busy feeling sorry for them...thank you, Cesar Millan! I usually snap myself out of it by reminding myself that life marches on, so looking forward is usually a good idea. I do think it's very difficult to explain to others what it's like to live in this world, although I realize that everybody has their hardships, it's just that we all have them in different degrees. Just as someone fretting over their child having to get glasses is no big deal to us, our fretting over Mas not speaking is no big deal to a family dealing with a trach or a feeding tube. I get it. For all my whining and complaining there are others out there dealing with much bigger compositions to perform...thank you all for listening to my party music...

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FishMama said...

I didn't think it was a pity party. I thought it was honesty. And, I thought it was hopeful. There will be a day when He will wipe away every tear.

At the same time, I hear you on today's post. My mountain is someone else's mole hill and vice versa. And it's good for us to keep that perspective, too.

Keep sharing. I learn a lot from your posts.