Sunday, February 10, 2008

minnesota winter

Well, here it is almost Valentine's Day, and while I am still waking up for the day in complete darkness, the sun is starting to rise by the time Mason's van, there is hope in the air. It's -16.5 this morning, actual temperature, so I would hesitate to say that spring is actually in the air. When I was young, I absolutely loved winter. Adored it. I used to go outside and make snowmen, snowhorses, snowforts, etc. I used to adorn the snowforts with icicles from the garage and house and they were so cool looking! I would either play alone or with the "gang" of kids in Monroe. We used to sled down the hills by VanderWoude's and the old gas station. I drove my daughter by those "hills" the other day, and noticed they weren't nearly as steep as they used to be. What geographical event occurred that made that happen? Maybe it's the sliding and slipping of the plates in my mind! Doesn't everything loom larger than life when you're young and full of ideas for the moment? Now, while I enjoy the heck out of a good blizzard, and love the first real snowfall of the season, I can honestly say I grow more weary of winter every year. I guess that's the price of growing older!

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mrswade said...

This was truly great! The hill beside the engineering building (south of Lincoln) seems quite a lot less steep since the time when I used to push of the building and sled down it. The same can be said for the alley to the south of the building. Makes me wish I could play Alice In Wonderland!