Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Well, the worst month of the season is upon us! ARGH! January; the coldest, wettest, most boring month of all for midwesterners...or, at least, for this midwesterner. We started out lastnight with some blowing snow and some snow from the sky, too, and this morning it is -4.8...no wonder I got chilled waiting for Skipper to make waste! Even he was ready to hightail it in the house today, and he normally lays in the snowdrifts and nonchalantly chews on snow while I am chanting my new mantra, "Go potty-go potty-hurry up-go potty...." I didn't see any end of the year recaps on tv lastnight; maybe they don't do those anymore? I've decided maybe January isn't so much a month for reflection, as it is a month where we can't leave our homes and therefore have more time to think. Seems plausible. They are speaking of a January thaw on the local channels, though, so maybe we'll get outside yet. Here's a photo taken a few weeks ago that seems to convey this month pretty well. By the way, 2008?!?!?! Who'dve thunk that we'd all still be alive in 2008? Sounds like sci-fi to me!

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