Monday, January 21, 2008


Watched a morning show the other day while waiting for the van to pick up Mas. Saw a segment about whether or not the press was doing too much coverage of Britney we're doing a segment about doing too many segments on someone. Kudos to the geniuses in the control booth who came up with that one!

Had a light dusting of snow lastnight...just enough to require a brisk sweeping this morning. Not enough to get too excited about. I'm sure all of this easy winter stuff does not bode well for March and April. I'd rather have it now.

Saw a guy in WI this morning, going on and on about how cold -4 is. He even went so far as to pour water on a football and then exclaim as it turned to ice on the football and his hands. We were -7 below the other morning, and I didn't see anyone outside with a bottle of water and a football. Who says those in the midwest don't have higher IQ's than everyone else?!

That's it for today's ramblings!

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