Monday, January 21, 2008


Watched a morning show the other day while waiting for the van to pick up Mas. Saw a segment about whether or not the press was doing too much coverage of Britney we're doing a segment about doing too many segments on someone. Kudos to the geniuses in the control booth who came up with that one!

Had a light dusting of snow lastnight...just enough to require a brisk sweeping this morning. Not enough to get too excited about. I'm sure all of this easy winter stuff does not bode well for March and April. I'd rather have it now.

Saw a guy in WI this morning, going on and on about how cold -4 is. He even went so far as to pour water on a football and then exclaim as it turned to ice on the football and his hands. We were -7 below the other morning, and I didn't see anyone outside with a bottle of water and a football. Who says those in the midwest don't have higher IQ's than everyone else?!

That's it for today's ramblings!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

stand under

I watched a tv show the other day about a mom who was trying to lose weight in a 6 month supervised program. She had an autistic son who was older, maybe 15 or so. As they showed her "life" on the screen, they showed how physically strong the son was, how much work he required, how much work the family was required to do, and how hard the mom had worked to keep him at home all of those years. They were going through the process of evaluating him to decide if he would be able to live in a group home, or if he should stay at home. It was a veritable rollercoaster ride of emotions. In the interviews with the varying "experts" in their field, she ended up talking to the "self esteem expert" about how her life was going. He told her she had spent way too much time on her child and family, and she had neglected herself. He said it was high time she take care of herself and her looks and focus on that instead. As I watching, I realized he did not get it. I also realized most people will not get it. However, I got it! I live it! I totally understood where she was coming from and how unimportant her outfits, hair, and makeup were when she was watching her son get moved to a care facility away from her home...keeping in mind the son was totally non-verbal and probably was very confused when he was taken to the facility. I think there are some things that are non-understandable by most others, when you are living with a disabled child. It's not all roses and puppies and's changing diapers for 13 1/2 years; getting stares while shopping; feeding your 10 year old so the people next to you don't get food thrown on them; eating cold food; wiping drool off furniture; cleaning windows non-stop; being woken up for two weeks straight while your child plays in his room for 3-4 hours every night; dealing with a host of medical concerns and medications; all the while wondering if your child even likes the color blue or pudding or kites or the outdoors. Granted, it's not all morose and sad all the time, but it's not a joyous picnic, either, and watching that mom made me realize just how clueless we all are about the people around us and the lives they lead. Hopefully I'll come out of this experience much less judgemental than I was going into it. And to the guy who was interviewing her while wearing his blue glasses and carrying his purse with his hand on his just may be that there are more important things in life than the type of clothes we wear or the way we style our hair. Just walk a mile in her shoes, buddy, and see how practical that purse and blue glasses are at the end of the day.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

camping, revisited

Okay, I'll admit my cousin is absolutely right...we could have s'mores inside...but they are no comparison to s'mores outside! That has to be one of the top food rules--food just tastes better outside. As my sister would say, it isn't summer until she's had her eggsalad sandwich and Cheetos meal while out in the sun, fishing. I'll have to agree with that. Plus, I don't have views like this in my house! I'll still keep waiting for camping season. The nice thing is, we only have about four more months to wait for it!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


This nice weather is not helping my urge to camp and fish. Neither is watching fishing shows on tv. I get jimmy leg and want to hit the water asap. I have even been dreaming about crazy is that? I am ready for s'mores, trees, water, craft projects, and takin' the radio! (Thank you, Rembrandts!) I am a realist, though, and living in South Dakota and Minnesota makes me fully aware how much more winter is left...still, though, I thought it smelled almost like spring outside yesterday...

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

stormy weather

We have been watching Storm Chasers and Twister Sisters quite often...makes me have a hankerin' for some unstable air...I had to dig out a picture of why spring is fun around here. Nothing better than grabbing the camera and chasing some clouds around. An adrenaline rush, to be sure! Just looking at this picture makes me smell the smell of freshly uncovered dirt after a spring thaw and hear the sound of the thunder in the distance for the first time in over 6 months...ahhhhhh, spring!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

ten below, baby

YAH, we had a nice crisp morning here...10 below! Let's hear a whoooop for that! How lovely. At least it was nice and crisp and clear to see the stars this morning for Skipper's potty run. I'll give it that. Let's just say it was so cold this morning (how cold was it?!) that I wore a coat. Enough said. Photo courtesy of Riley...maybe her future will include something with photography? This is a tick out of focus, but a nice shot, nonetheless...the girl has a good eye and a solid ear for music. And, yes, Skipper drills his nose into snowdrifts and comes up covered in snow like this...just like our old Springer used to do. They do like water, in any form! (Just like Mas!)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Well, the worst month of the season is upon us! ARGH! January; the coldest, wettest, most boring month of all for midwesterners...or, at least, for this midwesterner. We started out lastnight with some blowing snow and some snow from the sky, too, and this morning it is wonder I got chilled waiting for Skipper to make waste! Even he was ready to hightail it in the house today, and he normally lays in the snowdrifts and nonchalantly chews on snow while I am chanting my new mantra, "Go potty-go potty-hurry up-go potty...." I didn't see any end of the year recaps on tv lastnight; maybe they don't do those anymore? I've decided maybe January isn't so much a month for reflection, as it is a month where we can't leave our homes and therefore have more time to think. Seems plausible. They are speaking of a January thaw on the local channels, though, so maybe we'll get outside yet. Here's a photo taken a few weeks ago that seems to convey this month pretty well. By the way, 2008?!?!?! Who'dve thunk that we'd all still be alive in 2008? Sounds like sci-fi to me!