Wednesday, December 26, 2007

a nice mix

He has the worst traits of all of us: has to find the perfect snowflake to pee on, like Buttercup; makes a huge mess when he eats, like Riley; falls asleep on a dime, like Howard; talks all the time, like me; Luuuuuhhhhvvveeesssss water, like Mas; and has to be in the middle of everything, like Buddy. But he is so adorable! He throws his nose down into snowdrifts until his head is buried, and snowplows through the drift, like some kind of freak. He lays in the snow and licks it. He licks ice out of Mason's cup. He buries his head in your arm to take a nap. He's something else! What a riot!

1 comment:

Cousin Jamie said...

Love the dog pics. What a cutie! I have been enjoying your blog. Keep up the pics, thoughts and kid stuff. LOVE it and you!