Friday, August 31, 2007


Well, bad grammar has foiled me again. I thought it would be neat to make t-shirts for Riley and I for the Rush concert; for two be able to spot her easier in a crowd, and because I thought it would be fun. Anywhoo, I put "Play Neil, Play" on her shirt and "Play Geddy, Play" on my shirt....and was so proud of them when they came in the mail....until my hubby pointed out that I was missing a comma after the first "play." Oops. Curse grammar and it's wretched hold on me! I was bad at it in elementary school, and I still am! GRRRR! Anyway, hopefully other people won't notice it as easily, or at least won't point it out!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Well, today was Mason's first day back at school after a two week break. The van was scheduled to be here at 7:05...I was up most of the night coughing from a sinus infection, and also listening to Mas bang his toys on his door, from 1:30-5, I overslept and woke up at....(drum roll, please)...7:04! Yikes! You should have seen me run around this house! Thankfully, I lay things out the night before, so it's just a matter of feeding him, dressing him, etc. But, my heart was a-poundin' and I was nervous! We managed to get outside at 7:11 or so, and the van was actually late! WHEW! They arrived at 7:20, so we made it. Who invented that snooze button?? Bad idea!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


So, I am still alive, if alive means breathing and stuff....

Mas is home for a two week stint, so my sanity has reached it's breaking point. My patience was gone a few days back! It would help if the weather would cooperate and he could go outside. But, take hot and humid weather or heavy rain days and add Mas to that, and you don't get a good mix. Add to that headaches of epic proportions, and you have a mom who is ready for her vacation! These are headaches like I haven't had since I was in high school. I would have headaches then that would send me to my dark bedroom, where I would lie in pain and kick my feet against my bed or the wall. I thought the days of those types of headaches were over. I suppose I'll have to give in and go to the doc for this, although I hate to do it. Headaches are such a nondescript symptom by themselves; I'll probably get the "reduce your stress level" advice and a pat on the shoulder. Maybe I should bring Mas along and ask the doc to watch him for about an hour, and then check the doc's blood pressure and stress level! Hmmmm.....

On the good side of things, my garden is bursting with tomatoes, so it is time, once again, to make salsa at the Georgeson residence. We have made 48 jars so far this summer. Pretty great crop! Best crop of peppers I've ever had, so that has been fun. Now, to find the time to make salsa....maybe I should plant time in my garden next year?