Monday, May 14, 2007

graves, smores, ticks, laughs!

Okay, we have returned from our trip! It was pretty eventful at first, with the camper swaying like crazy behind the Pilot, but we made it there. Our favorite spots were taken, so we ended up in the "grave spot"--there is an old wooden cross there with "Joseph Stewart" written on it. Kind of spooky! We put everything up, had a big bonfire, and made s'mores, of course! The next day, we waited for our friends to arrive, then went fishing for awhile in the afternoon. The crazy wind made that almost impossible. Didn't see or catch any fish. That night was a great meal of hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill, potatoes in the dutch oven, beans with rib meat, and pumpkin crunch cake in the dutch oven. (Glad our friends had the knowledge to run their dutch oven! MMMM!) Followed up by more s'mores, of course! Ha ha! We were finding lots of ticks all weekend, too. I stopped counting at 10. Sunday morning we loaded up pretty early, following the night of hearing nothing but a strong south wind blowing. I was pretty nervous to pull the camper again, so we started a bit earlier and switched the hitch upside down. It rode much better in this position, so that was a relief! We had a great time and it was a worthy trip for the camper's first time out!

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